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Have you ever been told a levy for 5, 6, or 7 mils was being sought and wondered what that would actually cost your family, let alone what you were already paying and how your taxes were distributed?

Jeff did, so he wrote a web calculator to help illustrate it.


Over the course of the past few years a number of income and property tax issues have been presented to voters in Nordonia Hills communities.

Jeff designed a website to help voters understand the "full picture" of each measure's bottom line dollar amount without ever taking a public position for or against any of them.

Unlike any other tool out there Jeff's tax calculator would look up the existing tax obligations of a given resident's property and then spell out how much each proposal would cost them on a monthly or annual basis.

With income tax proposals the same calculator determined what a taxpayer currently paid, how any new refunds would impact them, what the issue would cost them if it passed.

The calculator became an instant hit and has been accessed just under 2500 times since inception.

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