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I have been asked over the course of the campaign where I stand on various issues facing the City of Macedonia.  I will do my best here to answer those questions, but feel free to reach out to me if I have not answered a question on your mind or if you think I should consider a different point of view.

Listening To Residents First

I believe the role of an elected official is to represent the people that put them into office.  Many times I've attended City Council meetings and felt as if the audience was being talked down to by whomever was speaking.

I believe the first role of an elected official is to listen to constituents, especially if they disagree with your position on an issue, and to have an open mind to reconsider where you stand on that issue.  That same open minded approach needs to be used when fellow councilmembers are debating or pitching something in a work session.

That is the first and arguably most important thing I would bring to the table on City Council.  When we elect people who think their opinion is more important than the citizens we represent we've done a disservice to the elected office.

Fiscal Responsibility & Building Our Tax Base

We must be fiscally responsible stewards of the new income tax dollars Macedonia voters have approved.

If we are not restrained and get carried away we will again find ourselves being asked to approve more levies when the current funding isn’t enough to do what everyone was promised, or should an economic downturn dramatically influence long term projected tax revenues.

Supporting Our Police & Fire Departments

I am a strong supporter of police and fire services.

A number of my friends are police officers or fire/medics and I have trained with many in both fields. I met my wife, a registered nurse, volunteering with EMTs. As a result of these relationships I have a familiarity with the issues that my friends in those professions face.

An Outdoor Pool & Splash Pad

Recently a number of residents have asked me where I stand on the issue of building an outdoor pool.  For a more in depth explanation of my thoughts on this topic click read more.

Transparency & Accessibility

I believe there are numerous areas where the city can improve the way it interacts with residents.  For example, the agenda and minutes of meetings are often times not posted to the city website 48 hours prior to a meeting, or in a timely manner after a meeting.  This was an issue when I first ran in 2017 and it still is today.

We need to solve why this happens and how to empower the responsible employees to more consistently make this information available to the public.

Most recently every Macedonia property owner received a letter written by a lawyer that probably generated numerous concerned calls to the city. 

At the very least it had to leave many residents with the mistaken impression that Macedonia has yet again "increased their taxes" when that is anything but the truth.  These types of minor missteps work against us when we legitimately need to ask the residents to consider funding.

The purpose of that letter was to communicate that going forward a water maintenance fee residents have paid for decades would simply be added to our property tax bill and not invoiced by the city.

Someone who wrote that initial letter, or the people who assembled it and mailed it out should have recognized what they were doing, intervened, and worked with the right people to write a cover letter that simplified and softened the message even if the legal letter had to be included by law.

It's simple things like this that could drastically improve the way our city provides basic city services and more effectively communicates with the residents.

Finding Efficiencies & Eliminating Waste

I am confident that given the opportunity to review the way we do things in the City of Macedonia we can find ways to cut costs and eliminate waste.

A perfect example is the city's recent decision to stop manually stuffing invoices into envelopes every year and spending thousands of dollars in postage and man hours to deliver a $10 invoice.

Imagine how many other opportunities exist?

I have worked in the IT field for most of my life starting during the boom in the mid 1990's and working my way into a senior IT position in a Fortune 500 company.  I have watched as IT Director after IT Director have come and gone, and the city seems to continuously struggle with IT infrastructure, basic functionality failures, and substantial amounts of tax dollars spent.

I believe that my understanding of this field would create a "checks & balances" approach to future IT spending, as well as an opportunity to collaborate on creative ways to save the city money through a proper use of technology.

These endeavors could result in either tax dollars saved or simple improvements to the way city employees serve the needs of residents.  When we save tax dollars by improving processes we can divert those funds to other city endeavors, establish rainy day funds, and most importantly stop asking the residents for even more of their income.

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