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Meet The Campaign Manager

To get on the ballot for the Macedonia City Council, a registered voter and citizen of the city pulls petitions from the Summit County Board of Elections. 

One must collect the signature of a minimum of 50 qualified electors who believe the candidate is well-qualified to perform the duties of the office being sought. 

The savvy candidate will collect far more than 50 signatures, in the event that some are deemed invalid.

It sounds like an easy task until you ring a doorbell or approach a random stranger. Jeff knew he needed an aggressive motivator to join him on the campaign trail, and enlisted his daughter Jessica. 

Jessica's inspirational quotes on one particularly hot day include, "You don't sound like you want this Dad", and, "We're going to get a hundred of these in one day, just watch."

In our 2017 campaign Jessica spent countless hours hand stuffing our "palm cards" into almost every single newspaper bor (or near the mailbox) citywide.


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Jeff Garvas, Treasurer
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